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Mansikkapaikka | Our community’s happy place

Kansalaistalo Mansikkapaikka ry’s ”Mansikkapaikka” is a community centre and a meeting place where all the residents of the Lielahti-Lentävänniemi area in Tampere are welcome.

One can meet other parents and their children in our Family Clubs, join various groups for adults such as the arts and crafts club, book club or just pop by for lunch, to read the daily newspaper or watch TV and enjoy some coffee – you can even buy some of Mansikkapaikka’s specially curated coffee for your home too!

Our Family Clubs are mainly spaces to freely socialize with other parents, and the children get to hang out too. In addition, the staff, or sometimes guests, come to facilitate arts and crafts or singing sessions in our clubs. We have various groups for grown-ups only, too. Please have a look at our weekly programme and find something that is suitable for you and feel free to suggest any new ideas for the community at Mansikkapaikka!

Lunch is served from Monday to Friday between 11 and 12.30 (5€/adults, 2,50€/children). We also rent our premises on weekends and on evening times for private use (eg. kids birthday parties).

For more information about Mansikkapaikka, please contact Mika.

Welcome to Mansikkapaikka!

Weekly Programme, Spring 2023

9.1.-26.5.2023 (activities on break 10.-15.4.)

The community centre and a meeting place Mansikkapaikka has two main operating spaces: on the Club side there is a children’s playground and Kammari is a living room-like space open to everyone. Some of the weekly activities take place in the premises of shopping centre Like.

Outside the activities entered in the timetable, the facilities are in free use on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for reading magazines and other activities and lounging. On free weekday evenings and weekends, the premises can also be rented for your own use (more information +35840 7566 542 and

There may be changes to the schedule and additions to the weekly program are recommended; suggest or come and organize activities in Mansikka!

Our activities are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Home lunch on weekdays 11-12:30 (adults 5€, children 2,5€).

Digitalkkari helps with everyday digital matters, usually Mon-Fri 10 a.m.–2 p.m. (booking appointment beforehand, tel. +358408585375 recommended)

Activities open to all (no booking required, just walk in!)

 Open family club Wed 9-13: Free activities for children aged 0-5 years and their parents (Club side)

 Toddler café Mon 10-13: Free and guided activities for 1-3-year-olds and their parents (Club side)

 Children´s playday Thu 10-16: freeform and guided activities (Tenavatila @shopping centre Like) (1st floor)

 Baby café Tue 10-12.30: Free and guided activities for children under 1 year old and their parents (Club side)

 Olkkari Fri 11-13: Free activities for all children and their parents (Club side)

 Digital café every other Thu 13-15: Information about digital matters; coffee served! (Kammari)

 Digi Help once a month (31.1., 28.2., 28.3., 25.4.): (The shopping centre Like service kiosk

 Chat café Mon 14-15.30: Coffee, culture and discussion for everyone (coffee & bun 2e) (Kammari)

 JuuTuubi-exercise wed at 14-15: Light exercise to the beat of the videos. Hosted by digitalkkari. (Kammari)

 Circular economy bingo fri (27.1., 24.2., 31.3., 28.4.) 12:30 p.m.: If you wish, bring you unnecessary items to the prize table! (Kammari)

 Handicraft club every other Tue, every other Thu 13-15: handicrafts and charity projects (Kammari)

 Handicraft club odd-numbered weeks Wed 17-19: Handicraft moment open to all (Kammari)

 BookClub (19.1., 16.2., 16.3., 20.4., 25.5.): Discussion of the selected book (book info: +35840 7566 542) (Kammari)

Activities, booking required

 Harju Church Afternoon Club Tue and Thu 13-16.30: For children 7 to 10 years old, more information +35840 525 4121

 Father group Wed 5pm-7pm: more information +35840 845 2433

 The story of my unfinished life Tue 9.15-11: Closed group of writers, more information +35840 7566 542

 Luontoliitto nature club Thu 17-18.30: For children 9 to 12 years old, more information

 Music School Mezzoforte (entrance fee) Tue 17-19: More information +35840 057 1137

 Music play school (entrance fee) Fri 9.15 and 10.15: More information +35840 7566 542

 Scout group Samoojat Tue 17-19: More information

 Single parent´s peer group once a month Mon 17-19: peer group for single parents (childcare arranged) for more information +35840 845 2433


supports the well-being of families with children by strengthening their support networks. Laidalla organizes Mansikkapaikka’s Family Clubs, and other group activities such as single-parent evenings and Dad meet-ups (in co-operation with the Tule-project). Laidalla is there for you whether you just want to share the daily joys of family life with children, participate in group activities or to get some peer support and speak privately about any challenges that you may be facing. For further information, please contact Aino.


coordinates the volunteer activities in Mansikkapaikka. Tule! recruits, trains and counsels our volunteers. We welcome volunteers from all different backgrounds and with different kinds of skillsets to come and join us and help us plan as well as host different activities. For more information about how you can become a volunteer at Mansikkapaikka, please contact Ellinoora.

Our community IT-support guy, ”Digitalkkari”

available to help you with small digital challenges, such as dowloading apps, Teams and Zoom-connections, getting your passwords changed etc… Our Digitalkkari is present from Monday to Friday between 10 and 14. If need some help with your computer, phone or online you can book a time or just ask Riku.